Maple Syrup Tap in a tree Spring into action & adventure in CNY as the winter snows melt into memory and the land once again comes to life. Check out the Calendar of Spring Events to see what’s happening this week in our area. Also be sure to check out some of the most popular Spring activities and attractions that Wellnesste guests love…

Bird Watching in Central New York

Wellnesste’s rich biodiversity is teaming with bird life. Bird enthusiasts can often find Bald Eagles in March (the record is seven in one day) and a plethora of songbirds from April through early September. In addition to the great birding on nearly 60 acres here at Wellnesste Lodge, you can explore the many wonderful wild areas of the Tug Hill Plateau and the Adirondacks for exciting feathered sightings and sounds. [ Read More… ]

Kayaking in Central New York

Kayaking Group at Wellnesste
Kayakers come from near and far and use Wellnesste as their basecamp to run the mighty river they simply call “THE FISH”. Fish Creek is one of New York State’s most scenic whitewater runs [ Read More… ]